Kunci dan Lirik Gitar Goldfinger – Superman

Lirik, Kunci Gitar, Chords Gitar, Kord Gitar Goldfinger – Superman :

Intro: D A Em Bm Em Bm G A

D         A         Em           Bm             Em  
So here I am, doing everything I can.  Holding on to what I
Bm              G           A
am, pretending I’m a superman.

D             A     Em               Bm
I’m trying to keep  the ground on my feet.
   G                 D            A
It seems the world’s falling down around me.
D                  A     Em               Bm
The nights are all long, I’m singing this song
   G                D                 A
to try and make the answers more than maybe.

        G  D   A        F#m    Em   Bm       G  
And I’m so con-fused, about what to do, sometimes I wanna
A                D          A
throw it all away.

D         A           Em           Bm           Em
So here I am, looking older all the time. Growing older
        Bm               G            A
all the time, feeling younger in my mind.

D          A            Em          Bm       Em          Bm          
And here I am, doin everything I can, holdin on to what I am, pretending
G           A
I’m a super man.

D A Em Bm Em Bm G A

D             A     Em              Bm
I’m trying to sleep. I lost count of sheep.
   G              D            A       D
My mind is racing faster every minute.  What could
     A      Em                 Bm      G
I do more? Yeah I’m really not sure. I know I’m
        D             A
running circles but I can’t quit.

        G  D  A        F#m   Em   Bm
And I’m so confused about what to do.
     G               A             D          
Sometimes I want to throw it all away. (kinda cut it off here)

Am                        Bm                
Controlling everything in sight, I’m feeling weak I don’t
     Em                        Am             Bm
feel right. You’re telling me I have to change, telling me
          Em           Bm            Am          Bm
to act my age. But if all that I can do is just sit and
           Em                                Am
watch time go, then I’ll have to say goodbye. Life’s too
Bm                 Em               Am  
short to watch it fly, so watch it fly.


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