Kunci Gitar dan Lirik Lagu Sheila On 7 – On The Phone

Lirik, Kunci Gitar, Chords Gitar, Kord Gitar Sheila On 7 – On The Phone :

Intro : G Bb Am C 2x

G            Bm   Bb
I was far away from home
doing what i love and like to do
G                    Bm   Bb
but these feelings come out of nowhere
I feel so bored and tired of it now

Am       D
suddenly the phone rang
it was you and me we
spoke and laughed
yeah….we had so much fun on the line
it’s unforgettable i so memorable

I’ve been loving you,
since the 1’st time
 C                 Am
an hour conversation on the phone
so I wanna thank you
for filling the emptiness in me
it’s you who I’ve been dreaming of
        Am           F
I’ve been loving you since the 1’st time
on the phone

we’d met before but
   Bm               Bb
only few words came out of you
I never thought that
i could make you mike

Kembali Ke : [pre-reff],[Reff],[Bridge]

[Bridge] 2x

     Bb        C
it’s you in my past my present
and my future

Interlude  : C G C Am
                 C G D/F#
Kembali Ke : [Reff],[Bridge]


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